Four Day Jury Trial In Federal District Court Ends In Verdict In Client’s Favor In Employment Discrimination Case

Sloane and Walsh attorney Ross Kimball recently successfully defended a large urban school district in an employment discrimination case in the United States District Court in Boston. The plaintiff, a school psychologist with a neurological condition that manifested with severe, persistent headaches, claimed that her condition was exacerbated by fluorescent lights and her workload. Citing the Americans with Disabilities Act (42 U.S.C. §12117) and the Massachusetts Anti-Discrimination statute (G.L. c. 151B), the plaintiff alleged that the employer unlawfully discriminated against her by failing to provide her with reasonable accommodations, i.e. failing to provide adequate alternate lighting in a reasonably prompt and effective fashion, failing to reassign her to a school where she would have a lesser workload, failing to engage with her in good faith in an interactive process to arrive at the appropriate accommodations, and failing to investigate her complaints that certain fellow employees were harassing her on the basis of her disability. The case was tried over four days, involving the testimony of several witnesses and voluminous documentary evidence, resulting in the eight-member jury returning a unanimous verdict in favor of the employer. The school district was elated by the verdict, which vindicated the exhaustive efforts they had made to accommodate the employee over several years.

Congratulations, Ross!